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Parrot Fish 101

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In the last week or two, a petition has been floating around WhatsApp/email advocating a ban on ParrotFish. Continue reading

Dornoch River Head is a secret gem that’s not so much a secret. Continue reading

Every once in a while I get engaged in conversation with people who’ve seen some of my travel pics Continue reading

I was trying to get out and attack my Monday when I got a message from Sim. I kid you not, the conversation went like this, WORD FOR WORD. Continue reading

One distinct problem kept on rearing its ugly head in my upcoming trip to Canada; when I suddenly realized a solution to this prevalent issue! Continue reading

Y.S Falls Then and Now

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There is about a 15-year gap between the only two times I have ever been to Y.S Falls and although I don’t have a vivid memory of 15 years ago I remembered enough to know the difference between the two trips were remarkably different. Continue reading

At the end of our Asia trip last year I purposefully tacked on a few open ended days in California to do whatever my heart desired. Continue reading

I had just finished writing a blog post about which part of Jamaica to vacation (read here) and ready to attach pics when I realized I didn’t have any pics worthy of going in the Mobay section. Continue reading

Four summer’s ago I had a really bad allergic reaction that had been itching and scratching night and day! Continue reading

So you’ve done your research up to this point and figured out that Jamaica is, in fact, the best Caribbean island in the world (no bias here haha)! Continue reading

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