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I had just finished writing a blog post about which part of Jamaica to vacation (read here) and ready to attach pics when I realized I didn’t have any pics worthy of going in the Mobay section. Continue reading

Four summer’s ago I had a really bad allergic reaction that had been itching and scratching night and day! Continue reading

So you’ve done your research up to this point and figured out that Jamaica is, in fact, the best Caribbean island in the world (no bias here haha)! Continue reading

Touted as one of the most visited countries in the world, Thailand’s charm is in its plethora of choices. Continue reading

But I don’t fit the profile! That’s the self doubt that keeps rolling through my mind today. I put myself out there, state my intentions and could make a laughing stock of myself, but to who, more than myself! Continue reading

Kindness of strangers

matteu312 'Jamaicantotheworld.com'

On our flight back from Tokyo to L.A we weren’t able to get seats beside each other so Suzi sat right in front of me. Continue reading

negril sunset jamaica

How many times do you have to visit somewhere to declare it your happy place? Continue reading

The short answer: Yes!

The long-winded blog post answer: Continue reading

Don’t give yourself enough time:

On vacation it always feels like I’m trying to do 100 things in the 24-hour spectrum of one day. Continue reading

I try to go about each new adventure with the mindset that I may only be able to do it once, so gotta make the best of it. Continue reading

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