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After my challenge had ended It kinda took me by surprise when dozens of people started asking me for advice on how to lose body fat. Sure, I carried everyone on my fitness journey and posted some wicked before and after pictures, but for some reason, I didn’t fully equate all that with me being a go-to source for fat loss. At that point, I figured the best way to give tips was to write out a few bullet points to follow but life set in and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. It reached a point where I wondered if I procrastinated too long for it to be meaningful anymore. Then recently I found myself giving a friend some advice and realized I knew a thing or two after all. So if you had ever asked and I promised to give you some advice here are my top tips for losing body fat!

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The Story of Adehya

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‘Celebrate every accomplishment’ are words that have been echoing in my head for the past recent years. It’s been customary that after one project or accomplishment I just move on to the next out of sheer busyness. Ever so often I said I would actually share with the world the story of Adehya’s evolution but then the right time never came around because frankly I procrastinated or thought the timing wasn’t right. Having recently completed its 3rd round of renovations (or rather minor touch-ups in this case) a sense of pride washed over me earlier this week as I stood in awe of a bathroom wall piece I created. It seemed like an appropriate time to allow myself to finally sit back and share a visual representation of our Before and Afters! I remember the day like it was yesterday! Back in late 2014, My dad asked myself and Cisco to drive down to Silver Sands to look at a property and see if it had any potential. This is an exercise we do from time to time, looking at land and property, and more often than not they turn out to be duds. But the first time we saw Rudoline Villa (as it was formerly called) we knew it had massive potential!

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Cash For Abs

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I’ll admit that when I started my Body fat challenge I didn’t give much thought into where the funds would be funneled. I just figured I would get through the hard part of unuh, losing the fat, and then i’d figure the rest out later. Continue reading

Sometimes I get messages from people telling me how they wish they could travel the world. I normally respond by asking if they have traveled back home. Continue reading

I went to my therapist the other day just to touch base and catch up as I was feeling out of sorts and had an issue I wanted to talk through. Continue reading

To preface this list, let me start by saying that our travel across Morocco doesn’t seem to be of the backpacking or do-it-yourself nature that so many people in the world of blogging seem to be reviewing. The majority of our trip was pre-planned in advance by a travel company called ‘Morocco Off the Beaten Path’ and customized by the planner of our group, Janine. Just to put things into perspective, this is the first time I’ve done a ‘tour’ of this nature where everything is planned for me (i.e this is the first time I’ve given up this much control). Whilst researching to write this article I saw tips like ‘Don’t follow the kids who want to be your guide’ and read horror stories of people walking around Medinas with their luggage for hours lost because of unsolicited advice being given from all directions! That said, I would absolutely recommend for everyone who is visiting Morocco for the first time to do it like we did as it takes out the majority of stress and left us able to relax and enjoy. Alas, with no further ado here are the (first world-ish) lessons I learned on this trip: Continue reading

What does a half Asian Jamaican male blogging businessman and a Cuban former supermodel jewelry designer mother of two have in common? Continue reading

As I geared up to do my squats this afternoon in the gym I pressed play the newly released Private Ryan Post Carnival Relief. Continue reading

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