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FullSizeRenderA philosophy?

I believe people who say life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all are misguided. They prolly never experienced the overwhelming happiness from binge watching entire seasons of guilty pleasure shows (i.e the nothing at all option). Life is an adventure and travel is but one aspect. I’m not a travel blogger in any sense of what I imagine one would have to do or be to earn said status. I don’t travel the globe and live months upon a time in any given country. Heck, I’m not even aspiring to be one. I’m just a guy whose job has given him a good amount of flexibility to be so fortunate to travel perhaps a little more than average.

So why check this blog out?

Why not? we’ve already established i’m not a professional and i’m just in it for the fun (but i wont turn back pay either). And until you start seeing me pop up with pictures of Coca Cola smiling cheek to cheek its safe to say i’m prolly not making any money from this. The deal is this, i’m just an average guy who likes to push himself out of his comfort zone a little more often than not so you will prolly see things like me jumping off of bridges and swimming with sharks, but make no mistake, in each of those instances i’m THIS close to shitting my pants. And i’d like to share those experiences, especially with people who don’t think they could ever do those things, cause i consider myself one of you.

Anything else?

and I’m Jamaican. and not in the ‘my great grandparents cousin is from Jamaica’ way. Legit born and raised which prolly makes sense when you realize over half of what i write about is local travel. Most people have a pre-conceived notion of what a Jamaican should look or sound like and from my travels its safe to say they dont think thats me, but here I am being Jamaican. It would feel weird to go into any specifics of me but anything you want to know (well some things!), feel free to ask. I love interaction. And if there is anything you’d like to know about travel in Jamaica I’d love to help!



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