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I get a few questions sometimes about workout tips or secrets to get fit. I don’t know any secrets or quick workarounds and truthfully I don’t think I’ve been blessed with the kind of body that just transforms easily. I’ve found that whenever I’m stricter about food/diet and more serious about workouts is usually when I’m fittest. That said, I have a simplistic philosophy on workouts which could basically be an analogy for life.
There are days when I have the most energy. I go to the gym and everything feels ‘easy’ and I’m stronger than I even give myself credit for. On these days I try to push past the point of doing what’s easy just because I’m
Getting through it. I don’t know when I’ll get these days again so ill try and “milk” the most of em.
Then there are days like today where I go in the gym and for whatever reason I have no motivation to do the workout. I find these are the days that are going to count the most. If I can somehow stick it through this day and do at least the minimum then I’ve won. And if I can’t do the minimum then do my best. And if the day is so bad that I have to leave then I also have to remind myself that’s ok. You’re human, you couldn’t do it and don’t beat yourself up. But when tomorrow comes and you feel better then give it your all!
And I find if I keep myself motivated in that manner my better days should far outweight the crappy ones. Simplistic, I know!

One thought on “The shortcut to gym success is…

  1. Stuart says:

    At least you’re in the gym lol That in itself takes so much discipline and dedication, so kudos to you!


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