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The Story of Adehya

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‘Celebrate every accomplishment’ are words that have been echoing in my head for the past recent years. It’s been customary that after one project or accomplishment I just move on to the next out of sheer busyness. Ever so often I said I would actually share with the world the story of Adehya’s evolution but then the right time never came around because frankly I procrastinated or thought the timing wasn’t right. Having recently completed its 3rd round of renovations (or rather minor touch-ups in this case) a sense of pride washed over me earlier this week as I stood in awe of a bathroom wall piece I created. It seemed like an appropriate time to allow myself to finally sit back and share a visual representation of our Before and Afters! I remember the day like it was yesterday! Back in late 2014, My dad asked myself and Cisco to drive down to Silver Sands to look at a property and see if it had any potential. This is an exercise we do from time to time, looking at land and property, and more often than not they turn out to be duds. But the first time we saw Rudoline Villa (as it was formerly called) we knew it had massive potential!

For me, It helped that my summers consisted of coming to Silver Sands every weekend when my dad would go to bird bush and I have fond memories! Since then I have always loved the community. Content that we could turn it into ‘something’ we purchased the villa as our first main renovation project. We sat on it and thought for a few months what we would want to change. Bear in mind that I didn’t know anything about building or renovating back then and I still know little to nothing about construction now, Adehya was mostly built on just dreams and ideas we had in our head.

As a joint effort, sometimes I tend to forget what I bring to the table, or in not trying to come across too boastful I have a tendency to downplay successes. Since we have opened our doors as a villa rental (and Airbnb) in mid-2016 we have welcomed dozens if not possibly hundreds of guests at this point to mostly overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Not to goat mout (yes that’s the phrasing in Jamaica) or jinx it, as I do genuinely hope that it becomes that little slice of paradise for hundreds more to come. Adehya, a name I came up with, is a combination of the words A- Deh – Ya, which literally means “I’ve arrived”. If we have ever had the pleasure of hosting you, or for any future guests that we may welcome I’d say to you ‘Yes my friend, indeed you have’. Welcome to our humble vacation abode, which is much more than just brick and mortar, it’s been a labor of love for us.

curb appeal Adehya
Our main goal with the front of the home was to remove fences and walls and create an entrance that felt welcoming!
We wanted to take out as many walls as possible for an Open Concept ‘Home’
The previous Garage was first converted into our Living Room/TV room. In 2018 we reimagined it into what is now our Main Master Bedroom complete with a semi outdoor bathroom.
The idea for what we consider our second master was to remove the walls separating bedroom and bathroom. This room has always been more for couples who are a bit more adventurous!
Our only room to feature double beds, we refer to this mostly as the kids room!
One of the few Add On’s to Adehya was a bathroom built specifically for this room as we strongly believe in En Suite’s!
The vision for this bathroom was to again take out walls and borders so you could simply walk straight into the shower!
I take great pride in the Pool as it was one of my main designs. At about 5 feet it is an entertainment and relax pool complete with a bar, steps to a center island and spaces to converge with friends and have a drink or two!

Thanks for checking us out! For more pics and info visit our IG or Airbnb Pages!


Adehya Airbnb

4 thoughts on “The Story of Adehya

  1. Francisco Mignott says:

    Feels like yesterday! It’s truly been a labor of love. Such a proud accomplishment! Let’s hope it’s spirit continues for many many years to come


  2. Kelly Banks says:

    Amazing Job!!! Love the Bathrooms and the Pool


  3. Suzy says:

    One if my favorite places to get away! Love the continuous iterations. It does feel like a labor of love for a guest too, not cold or plain but homey and welcoming. Thanks for sharing these pics! You and your team have done incredible work.


  4. Heather says:

    This is amazing – true talent!


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