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negril sunset jamaica

How many times do you have to visit somewhere to declare it your happy place? Once! Only one time is the answer because your happy place is simply a place where you’ve reaped happiness. Multiple visits with repeated happiness only confirms that your first impressions weren’t a fluke. Someplace can be your happy place because it’s scenic, it’s the beach and you love sand in your toes or it’s the mountains and you love clean crisp air or because the meals are delicious and you’re a foodie. Or maybe you don’t even know, but you know that when you’re there you feel happy! Obviously the more boxes a place checks off in terms of things you love is the more likely it is to be a solid candidate for your happy place.

jamaica rockhouse bridge

Capturing the moment before our big jump!

The thing about Rockhouse is that it’s just checking off boxes all over the place for me. I was reminded of that on my last visit their a few weeks ago. I was lying by the pool and a guy close to me ran over to the edge and beckoned us to see a Pod of dolphins swimming close to the horizon! Not the most magical thing to have ever happened but you have to admit that’s pretty darn cool from whichever angle your’e looking at it from.

rockhouse jamaica pool edge

Living on the edge as usual

My first encounter with Rockhouse was about three years ago where a few of us, on a trip to Negril, spent a day just hanging around the property. When I say my first encounter I mean the first time I truly appreciated it. I had known of Rockhouse long before and even visited the location but I wouldn’t count my college trips to Negril for partying in this mix, as I had a more surface kind of appreciation happening back then. On this particular trip our pre-energy was sky high as we had already seen pics of Rockhouse and decided we were going to jump off the rail free bridge together. Maybe it was just the group of us, or the setting, or the anxiety and accomplishment from jumping or the fact that the day ended with one of the most amazing sunsets we could have asked for but Rockhouse definitely set the bar high for me and never let go.

rockhouse jamaica sunset

Sunset Bar set!


The Service

More than anywhere else on the property I have spent the majority of my time by the pool area lounging, the bartenders and waiters there have always been exceptional at making sure you’re relaxed and taken care of. With a cold drink in hand you can lounge by the pool not having to worry about lifting a finger cause they know that’s what vacation should be about!

rockhouse jamaica pool

But you could be here!


The Food

Every single time I visit Rockhouse a requirement of mine is to have one of their Burgers served on cocoa bread. This is down by the pool bar (and also one of the reasons I spend the majority of my time their) but I have also eaten at their in-house restaurant as well as Push Kart, which is next door to them, and neither have ever disappointed.

rockhouse jamaica dive in

Dive in like ‘who’s the boss’


The Surroundings

Definitely the big win is their property located on the Cliffside of Negril. You can’t build this kinda atmosphere. You either have it or you don’t and Rockhouse has it in abundance. Everything feels free and open and the only borders you have is the surrounding water which is crystal clear. You also get an unobstructed view of the Negril sunset, which happen to be the best sunset in all of Jamaica IMHO.

rockhouse hidden ladder

Step out (again like a boss)


The Culture

You kinda just get the feeling that these people actually care. It’s NOT just a money-making business. The prices are reasonable and I got this feeling of repeat guests who continuously come back because they see the place as a family. On our first trip their we were fortunate enough to be around when Rockhouse showed a video about the Foundation they started up to help inner city schools in the Negril area.

rockhouse jamaica

Or just Float your way through life. Whatevs, its up to you!


I recognized halfway through my post that this all seems like a big product placement but I swear to you, I don’t work for Rockhouse! Just showing some love cause I’m a big fan of what they’re doing!


rockhouse bridge jamaica

We couldnt let a bunch of kids show us up!

rockhouse jamaica

You dont have to jump the bridge if you dont wanna!

rockhouse cloud jamaica

you can even smoke clouds if you’d like!

rockhouse jamaica sunset

Just make sure to enjoy yourself!

3 thoughts on “The Paradise that is Rockhouse!

  1. Haha I’m not ashamed to say kids have shown me up before. 🙈 I’ve never been to Rockhouse but this makes me want to visit now! Thanks for the review


  2. Stuart says:

    Another amazing reason to visit Jamaica. Based on your pics and unabashed appreciation for this place, it’s clearly a must do!


  3. Amazing review! Last time I went to Negril I passed Rockhouse but never went in! Seems like I need to try and change that soon.


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